I created this page to share all of the barefoot resources I can think of to support you on your journey to freeing your feet from the shoes (and lies) that bind them! You'll find free resources, videos, books, as well as products, some which I am an affiliate for, meaning that if you purchase something using my link on this site, I get a small percentage. This is a highly curated list, I only suggest a few things as I strive to be as minimal as possible while living in this modern world. May your feet find the freedom they have been searching for.

Some Barefoot Videos To Get You Started

Turning my feet into caveman feet

Beginners Guide To Going Barefoot

Beginners Guide to Trail Running Barefoot

How to love on your feet and take care of them

Some Barefoot Videos To Get You Started

Free Ebook About Going Barefoot

10 Life Changing Benefits To Going Barefoot (free download)

Running a Mountain Marathon Barefoot

Interview with the

"Barefoot Podiatrist"

Ray McClanahan, podiatrist, has a great website with all sorts of free resources on taking care of and healing your feet.

My Online Barefoot Course

I created a course called "Beginners Guide To Going Barefoot." If you are looking for a focused, action oriented way to transition to being barefoot, you can purchase it below or learn more about it by clicking here HERE. It's only $33 at the moment.

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Barefoot and Minimalist Shoes

Below are things that I have personally worn on my transition to being more barefoot. Click on the image or title to go to each respective website to learn more. Should you happen to buy something, I may earn a small commission, which helps support me to share more free content.

Xero Shoes is a company out of Colorado with a great selection of different styles and shoes for a wide range of needs. Personally their most minimal sandal is the main thing that I wear, it's great to slip on when a store makes me wear something (oh the irony). They are as thin as it gets though I have heard of people running marathons in them. Three years I've had them and they are still in great shape!

These are the comfort 2.0, the other thing I have found myself wearing through my years transitioning to barefoot. They are lightweight, easy fold into a pocket or bag and offer just enough protection while being comfortable and giving your foot space to be a foot. I bring them along on hikes when its snowing incase I need something if it gets too cold being barefoot.

Their Phoenix boot has become part of my collection. I was hesitant to wear boots, I hadn't worn boots for 3 years, yet I live in Colorado in the mountains, it gets very cold and snowy. (-20 F sometimes). For those days when it's insanely cold outside, these boots have been incredible, they are warm and I can still feel my feet. Aja, my partner, loves them, they are as comfy as barefoot boots get!

They make a wide range of minimal sandals with the added benefit of grounding. I have a pair, truth be told I thought I would need them but ended up spending most of my time barefoot so I haven't worn them much but I have lots of friends that love them, they look great, grip to your feet and the earth and people hike and run in these things like you wouldn't believe.


Here are some companies who make barefoot and minimal shoes that I have not personally tried but have friends that love and swear by.

I have never worn Luna sandals but I have some friends that can't get enough of them. Besides, they were created by the famous "Barefoot Ted" from the book Born To Run, Ted is quite a character and an inspiration to so many. He has run ultra marathons in these, as have plenty of others.

Vivo Barefoot

Vivo Barefoot is one of the largest barefoot shoe brands. They have a huge selection of shoes for all sorts of occasions, I have never personally bought any but my friends that are big into barefooting seem to love them and I have heard a lot of other great stuff about their products.

Vibram Five Fingers

Vibram is a classc in the world of shoes, so many other brands use their soles for their shoes but perhaps they are most notorious for their five finger shoes, some say they look funny, but those that wear them are often obsessed. They certainly are minimal, and they certainly are unique.


While not technically barefoot, when I first met Aja she only wore her Chacos, she would hike in them, walk for miles and miles on pavement, whatever it was, she could do it. I know some barefoot positive podiatrists that recommend them for people that want to take care of their foot but need some extra cushioning for those hard surfaces.


As I've said over and over, as a barefoot enthusiast I am not big on products, but I do get that we live in a modern world and making the transition to being more aware of our connection to the earth as well as our feet and ourselves is quite a journey. May these things support you on that journey should you feel called though I will never say any one thing is right for everyone or that you NEED anything, we all have our own unique path to walk (both shod and barefoot).

Correct Toes

I did an interview with Dr. Ray McClanahan, a barefoot forward podiatrist that made a great product to help people spread toes that have been squished by poor fitting shoes. Ray is a kind soul (and sole), and really opened my eyes up to the realities of the medical world and how we can naturally heal most feet problems. He invented these toe spacers to do just that.

Grounding Mat

Earth and Moon reached out to me a few months back and asked to send this grounding mat, which I am currently standing on as I write this. Grounding, if you don't know, or Earthing, is a way for us to be connected to the earth and release stuck electrical charges, but I'm no scientist, learn from their website or the Earthing book to learn all of the benefits fo grounding yourself. I spent lots of time barefoot on the earth but for when inside, it is great.

Earthing Book

Written by Clint Ober, a revolutionary book for anyone that is... uh, human. Clint discovered that most of us, thanks to the dang rubber sole, never actually touch the earth and can develop a whole ring of problems because of it. By grounding oneself, either by putting your feet into the ground, or using a grounding pad, you can get that connection back and feel the benefits.

I have written a series of books about living life in connection and joy and this one was about my journey being barefoot in a shod world. How I made the transition, how it has drastically changed my life, bla bla bla :)