Are thy feet calling? Asking thee, oh brave sole, to take off thine foot prisons and place these bare feet in this here earth. To reakawen the endless possibilities of a bare foot that knowith no bounds? If so, perhaps thee shall go and sign up below to enter into a wild and wonderous new world, filled with guts and glory as we begin your story of a foot so bare that shall go here, there and everywhere.Oh come now you brave sole!



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My 4 Week Beginners Barefoot Course (valued at $99)

Bonus: Beginners Guide To Going Barefoot Ebook (valued at $20)

Bonus: Walking Barefoot With Your Best Friend Ebook (valued at $20)

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If you are feeling the call to begin your barefoot journey, or perhaps are already well into your adventure, and looking for some support, to learn about everything I know about living a life of bare feet, then perhaps you'd like to enroll yourself into this course below.

If you pay the regular price it is $19.99, if you do the weekly payment plan you pay $9 for 4 weeks, totaling $36.

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As soon as you sign up for this adventure you'll have immediate access to "Beginners Guide To Going Barefoot."

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