How to heal and reawaken your feet so they

can work like they were designed to

Hello fellow human! Are you ready to awaken your feet and learn about the most glorious of benefits to going barefoot?

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Who This Is For

  • Have you heard about the benefits of going barefoot but not sure where to start?
  • Have you struggled to find shoes and feel like they always hurt your feet and have been searching for a better option with no luck?
  • Do you love walking and running but are dealing with pain and injury that keeps you stuck?
  • Do you want to develop healthy and strong feet?
  • Have wearing tight and ill fitting shoes plagued your feet and you want to learn how to reawaken them?

People often think that living a barefoot lifestyle means you have to ditch the shoes for good and live like some strange hippie in the woods never to enter civilization again, but that simply isn't true. Whether you choose to live barefoot 99% of the time like I do, or not and still desire some sort of footwear doesn't really matter, rather, the more you connect with your feet the more you'll find your life, and body open up in so many wonderful ways. The foundation of our entire body are our feet, when we lock them in poor fitting shoes we loose a lot of the functionality of our feet, shoes often damage people's feet and cause lots of injuries. And while every situation is unique, there are so many painful experiences, and even surgeries, that can be avoided if we should only understand how our feet work and how to select the right footwear (or simply go barefoot and transition safely). In this course I'll share all that I know about living a barefoot lifestyle and how incredible our feet are when we take care of them.

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Is now the time for you to awaken your feet?

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Hey there, my name is Yoshua, incase you can't tell I love feet. And not in a fetish sort of way, but rather I love how amazing my feet are at doing what they were born to do, outside of a shoe. I've hiked on challenging trails, run all over a variety of surfaces, and even ran my first marathon barefoot in the mountains. Over the years my feet have gone viral in a rather unexpected way. I started to realize that there were thousands of people out there wanting to learn how to make a transition to being barefoot safely. That is why I created this course, to inspire others to learn about how wonderful feet are and how we can strengthen them to work properly, even if we’ve been damaged from incorrectly fitting shoes and athletic injuries over the years. But this isn’t just about living completely barefoot, there are so many ways to reawaken your foot.

Even after 60 years of wearing conventional shoes , I was able to shift to being barefoot. Most of the shift was very gradual but 5 months ago only ,I realized that my toes were basically dead and the it was not normal. With a lot of time and work , I can now move my toes, curl , lift and spread. I can even ,for the first time I can remember , pick up a pen. I hike barefoot between 5 and 10km every second day and getting stronger . You CAN teach a old dog new tricks!!!! I just want you to know that YOU were a big inspiration in my journey. Thanks man! - Dan Can

What You'll Receive Immediately With Your Enrollment:

  • 2+ hours of inspirational video content
  • 4 modules with lifetime access, a new module each week.
  • My two free ebooks, Beginners Guide to Going Barefoot and Walking With Your Best Friend
  • Real time exercises to strengthen and support your feet
  • Inspirational stories and tips about living a barefoot lifestyle and making an easy transition.
  • An easy to follow formula for learning about ways to love on your feet and bring them back to full functionality.

Why I Switched To Being Barefoot

Ever since I started going barefoot my life has changed in so many incredible ways, but for most of my life I struggled with poor foot health. My Dad, being a podiatrist told me I needed to wear arch support because I had flat feet, only thing is I hated wearing them and decided instead to struggle through whatever issues my feet might cause. As an athlete, playing football, wrestling, baseball and more I put up with shoes throughout the years, tight, uncomfortable, ill-fitting shoes that always made my feet hurt. I often had smelly, sweaty feet with athlete’s foot, my shins often hurt, my feet often felt sore after a workout, nothing about shoes was every appealing to me. Flash forward to my Mid 30’s. I move back to Colorado of all places and, after an arduous divorce, I started to feel this inner pull to take my shoes off. At the time money was tight, my hiking shoes were wearing down, I had to buy knew ones but dreaded going to the shoe store, so I figured I would try hiking barefoot. At first I only made it a few minutes but within weeks I was going barefoot more and more. Before I knew it I found myself not only hiking for 6+ miles barefoot but running barefoot on the trails, up and down the rocky mountains, it felt so freeing, I felt so alive. I always hated running in shoes and I assumed I just didn’t like to run, but barefoot running, ah, it felt more like dancing through the trees, flying with the wind. I quickly fell in love and decided to try and run my first barefoot marathon in the mountains, on a trail that no one had ever attempted barefoot. It was the hardest and yet most rewarding thing I had ever done and taught me so much about my feet. In the end I realized that feet are simply amazing and that because we lock them into shoes, or foot prisons as I like to say, that we lose out on so much of the functioning of our feet, but not any more! Now I write and guide others to unlocking the gifts of their feet so they can run, walk, hike and simply live a barefoot life in whatever capacity feels best to them. It’s time to take back our feet and see how incredible they are in their full form.

"it feels like dancing" ... That's exactly how I feel when running barefoot.

-Karl Jones

I love being barefooted. I feel so connected to the earth that way. Especially, when I am walking on the ocean shoreline. I remember when I was a kid we never ever wore shoes outside in the yard. Climbing trees with our monkey toes. 😆 Good times.

How This School Works and Pricing

Once you sign up you'll get instant lifetime access to the entire course as well as your login info emailed to you. This course is made up of 4 unique modules, that go over everything I know about being barefoot. You'll be able to go at your own pace, reading about the benefits of being barefoot as well as watching a collection of inspirational videos all about feet and how to safely reawaken your foot.

Example Lecture Layout

What Will This Course Do For You?

  • Teach you, in a not so science and medically confusing way, how amazing your feet are.
  • Give you the confidence and understanding of how to walk, run and hike barefoot on all sorts of surfaces.
  • How to live a more barefoot forward lifestyle even though we live in a shoe crazed world.
  • Show you how to safely transition to being barefoot and avoid injury.
  • How to find good minimal and barefoot style shoe and sandal options if you can't be fully barefoot.
  • Teach you a ton of great benefits of living a more barefoot forward life.
  • Make you feel confident and inspired to gain back functionality in your feet.
  • Share stories and ways people have overcome injuries and avoided surgery by changing their footwear and understanding how their feet work.


"it feels like dancing" ... That's exactly how I feel when running barefoot. Great video - Karl Jones

I think you explained why i like trail running so much, it connects you with the ground and the environment. I am also studying physical therapy, and find barefoot running really interesting in terms of injury prevention! - T Coco

Great video 🙌. Awesome to see. Just started barefoot running last week. Everyone thinks I'm crazy, your video shows otherwise. Nice one. Keep it up 👍 - Youtube Comment

Love the video, starting barefoot running a few weeks back now no turning back once you start. love your book btw helping me a lot right now - Jacob Trageton



The Glorious Benefits of Going Barefoot


How to Easily Transition to a Barefoot Life


Barefoot Running, Hiking and Other Physical Stuff


Living a Barefoot Life In a Shod World

If you have any questions feel free to email me at, otherwise I look forward to you goingin me on this barefoot journey if you feel the call to do so.

*A fair warning to anyone interested in being barefoot. While I have found a lot of joy and clarity shifting from a shod to a barefoot life, being barefoot all the time may not be for everyone. I am not a doctor, or a specialist, what I share has come from my own story, learning all that I can to make sense of the foot and how to use mine properly. But I am not a medical expert, I do not know your current health condition, do not consider what I am sharing to be the absolute truth, do not listen to me or take my words as facts, everyone is unique amongst themselves. We must know what is right for us in the way that feels the best. In this course I am simply sharing my own experience of living barefoot, and I always remind people, regardless of their situation, to take everything very slowly and see how you feel.