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Beginners Guide To Going Barefoot

Learn about all of the amazing ways you can awaken your foot and change your life through going barefoot, or living a more barefoot forward life.

Do You Want To:

- Learn how to safely transition to a barefoot forward lifestyle?

- Learn about the amazing benefits of going barefoot?

- Go fully barefoot and/or find minimal and barefoot style shoes that support your foots natural function?

- Reawaken your foot to its natural form and heal from poor fitting shoe issues?

- Learn about natural movement and have fun while getting a workout?

With enrollment you'll get:

My 4 Week Beginners Barefoot Course with over 3+ hours of videos and lessons (valued at $99)

Bonus: Beginners Guide To Going Barefoot Ebook (valued at $20)

Bonus: Walking Barefoot With Your Best Friend Ebook (valued at $20)

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Hey there, my name is Yoshua, incase you can't tell I love feet. And not in a fetish sort of way, but rather I love how amazing my feet are at doing what they were born to do, outside of a shoe. I've been living barefoot for a number of years, I've hiked on challenging trails, run all over a variety of surfaces, and even ran my first marathon barefoot in the mountains. Over the years my feet have gone viral in a rather unexpected way and I've seen that there were so many others out there wanting to learn how to make a transition to being barefoot safely. That is why I created this course, to inspire others to learn about how wonderful feet are and how we can strengthen them to work properly, even if we’ve been damaged from incorrectly fitting shoes and athletic injuries over the years. But this isn’t just about living completely barefoot, there are so many ways to reawaken your foot.

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In this 4 module course you will

  • Learn about all the great benefits of living a more barefoot forward life with 3+ hours of inspirational and easy to follow videos
  • Learn how to reawaken your foot and use it as it was intended to be used.
  • Learn about ways people have overcome injuries and avoided surgery by changing their footwear and understanding how their feet work.
  • Learn how to safely transition to being barefoot and avoid injury.

With enrollment you'll get:

My 4 Week Beginners Barefoot Course (valued at $99)

Bonus: Beginners Guide To Going Barefoot Ebook (valued at $20)

Bonus: Walking Barefoot With Your Best Friend Ebook (valued at $20)

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What people have said about my Barefoot videos

"You were a big inspiration on my journey"

Even after 60 years of wearing conventional shoes , I was able to shift to being barefoot. Most of the shift was very gradual but 5 months ago only ,I realized that my toes were basically dead and the it was not normal. With a lot of time and work , I can now move my toes, curl , lift and spread. I can even ,for the first time I can remember , pick up a pen. I hike barefoot between 5 and 10km every second day and getting stronger . You CAN teach a old dog new tricks!!!! I just want you to know that YOU were a big inspiration in my journey. Thanks man!

Dan Can

"No turning back "

Love the video, starting barefoot running a few weeks back now no turning back once you start.

-Jacob Trageton

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